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Distant healing makes our unique healing modality accessible to people all over the world. We have successfully facilitated healing and clearing sessions for many international clients and we now offer this service to anyone who can’t come and see us in person. (also see treatment icon for more details)
How it works
Energy, according to physics, can be in more in one place at the same time, therefore energy healing doesn’t always have to be in person. We have formulated and tested a structure of distant healing that we are now proud to share with anyone who lives just a little bit too far to come and see us in person. When we have decided and agreed upon a plan of action to start your healing experience, we go into a quiet meditative space, connect with your energy field and direct the highest healing energy into your auric body that the universe will allow for you at that moment in time. It’s almost like connecting to the internet. We do this only in our dedicated healing space at home. After the session we will send an energy report with feedback about your session. The distant energy treatment takes about 1 hour of physical time to perform.
Your first session will include:
• general energy levels and energy themes
• energy attached to your field that might be draining you
• practical advice how to keep your energy body clear
• what was released in the session
• chakra information
What you can expect from a distant energy clearing:

• increased energy levels
• feelings of peace
• anxiety and worry diminishes
• a sense of connectedness

Why would you need a distant energy clearing?

• if you are a out of towner and you can’t see us in person
• if you battling with low energy levels
• if you feel excessive worry or fear
• if you are being bothered by ghosties
• if you feel curses, or your life feels cursed
• relationships are not working
• unexplainable aches and pains
• feeling depressed and alone
• battling with addictive patterns
What we need from you:

• name and surname
• age and date of birth
• place where you are at when we are performing the session
• photo of what you look like
Options to choose from:

We usually recommend a general energy clearing and chakra activation to start with. If there is chronic negativity around you an energy gridding will be recommended. This seals your energy for one week, giving you time to rebuilt your energy, separating you from the drama. 
After the initial session we offer:
• emotional clearing – clearing old emotional patterns related to your mother or mothers lineage
• karma clearing – clearing energy patterns related to your fathers energy line, this is called ancestral karma, this one helps you to step out of repeated life patterns
• elemental balance – balances the 5 elements in your body and helps your body to clear stuck emotions and though patterns like anger and worry
Energy recharge: this session is done as a general check up after the four initial sessions were done.
Rules of conduct:
All session will only be started once confirmation of payment is received.
All sessions includes an energy report that will be emailed after the session.
If you live in South Africa, for best results we recommend taking a package, having all 4 sessions, one a week, plus energy gridding at the end. If you live anywhere outside of South Africa, we recommend taking a package consisting of distant clearing and healing followed by an energy gridding and sealing per session and having all 4 sessions, one a week. 

Note : we do not do telephone conversations or counselling sessions over the phone, strictly emailed based. Skype is avialble as an extra energy counselling service - hourly cost to be advised.
Distant space clearing
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Why would I need my space cleared?
Winter often brings out all the unprocessed issues and energies from the past to be cleared and healed. What you might experience are broken sleep patterns, strange dreams, emotional rollercoasters and you will find that people around you will be a bit aggressive, irritable or verbally abusive. All of these are indications of unprocessed energies which need clearing. Obviously we don't want these energies contaminating our auras or spaces, therefore clearings are essential.

Any environment collects and holds imprints of energy and sometimes emotional or mental patterns. These patterns are called imprints. Some of the imprints can be hundreds of years old and belong to previous owners and/or tenants of the space and they still influence the present day energy. This becomes evident in the history of a place. Do tenants keep moving in and out of the space? Are there family issue patterns that keep repeating? Are there negative patterns such as divorces, breakups, loss, retrenchments, etc.? Some imprints are held by what happened on the land before the house and buildings were built. Mass graves, buried human remains and slave quarters have been found in a number of the dockland areas of Cape Town.

By clearing your space you make space for your own energy patterns, this is called claiming your space. If there is any stuck energy in your home then there will be stuck energy in your life.

How to see if there is stuck energy in your house:

• constant water leaks or water damage
• burst geysers
• after renovations you may feel uneasy in your space
• some areas always end up being cluttered
• emotional / mental turmoil in the space
• family members complain of not being able to sleep well and/or having nightmares
• family members complain of unexplained noises in the night
• children in the home may start behaving out of character – crying, restlessness, anger issues
• pets in the home may start behaving out of character
• feeling cold in some areas
• not feeling comfortable and at ease in your space

Benefits of having your space cleared:

• increases energy levels
• people will feel more comfortable in the space
• creates harmonious relationships
• things won't break that often
• releases a feeling of stuck-ness
• opens the gates of flow and abundance
• increases aligned potential business if you have an office or business at home
• increases aligned potential business if you are wanting to attract clients to your home for business such as Air BnB

Ways to start clearing your space:

• start with the physical- clear all unwanted or broken objects
• clear objects with a strong negative emotion attached to it
• fix or replace broken objects
• fix damp problems
• plant flowers
• burn incense and light candles

How I work:

I facilitate a distant clearing of your home. This includes clearing, cleansing, gridding and colour therapy advice. Once clear, I grid your home to seal in the good energy and then bless your home – this will create a space of quiet tranquil energy. You will also receive a report on what was found and cleared and what can be done to enhance the energy flow. This will get rid of old stuck energy patterns, it will invite the new. This process takes is done from my healing room on a set date and the family members and staff need not leave the premises during this time.

I require plans of the home or photographs emailed or sent through by whatsapp. Payment is due on confirmation of the date of the cleanse.

With bigger spaces such as businesses, offices, guest houses, hotels, factories and small businesses we quote beforehand.

Recharge: it is advisable to recharge your property every 6 months if possible. If you space has people visiting often then it is advised to do so on a more regular basis. Once a distant cleanse has been facilitated then checks can be done on a regular basis to check energy levels in the home.

Tamar 081 727 9939 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Together we have over 20 years of combined experience in working with
corporate and home energy clearings and have facilitated over 70 office,
factory, hotel, guesthouse and personal home clearings in the last 3 years.

"Dear Tamar, Thank you so much for helping us clearing our business premises. We were certainly sensed and tangibly felt the difference in the energy when you had finished your work with us, as the place was lighter and brighter. This showed up physically as well in the form of loads more business coming our way. We had been stuck with business slowing down, and a heaviness in the office, and so many bad things had just happened to us for no apparent reason, as you know. It was an incredibly effective exercise to have done, and we appreciate all you put into it. You are one of those people who always deliver more than you promise, and this was no exception. We would highly recommend anyone in the same position to do the same, and see how things change and how business flows in, in a very short space of time. Warm regards, Denise"

Contact Details:

Berto - 082 556 7400
[email protected]

Tamar - 081 727 9939
[email protected]

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