What is energy?

Energy has been called many names in different cultures. It is known as Prana in India, Chi in China, Ki in Japan, Ka in Egypt, Itz by the Mayan etc. Most of us in the awakening stages of consciousness call it Source or Universal Energy. There is no energy more powerful than any other, no healing technique is more powerful than another. What makes some healings sessions more powerful than others is the client’s ability to surrender and the therapist’s purity of heart and body. Your body is used as an instrument or a tuning fork for the healing energy of Source.  Energy is in us, around us and everything is made of it. We breathe it, eat it and live in it, without energy we don’t exist.  So what is this energy we are talking about here? Prana is universal energy that breathes life into matter. The word prana comes from the Sanskrit, Pra (forth) and An (to breath or live). Therefore prana is the life force in your breath.


Negative and positive energy?


We often name energy as positive or negative, but in essence, energy only has a positive vibration when it comes from Source. We cloak it with our own dense emotions or thoughts. This makes the energy dense or heavy.


How do we clear dense vibrations?

  • smudging with incense or sacred herbs (mpepo, frankincense)
  • praying or invocation
  • sacred water or essential oils
  • sound therapy- bells and gongs
  • uplifting music
  • sunlight or wind
  • wind chimes and window crystals
  • plants


Function of the chakras

  • To absorb energy
  • To transform energy
  • To transmit energy


Chakras and Aura


Aura energy is electromagnetic and chakra energy is electrochemical in nature. The seven layers of the aura are transmitters of energy, they magnetise or attract energy or vibrations towards us. The main function of the chakras is to use this energy to change it into a chemical substance that the body can use.

Major chakras are formed where 14 energy lines meet. Minor chakras form where 21 energy lines meet. The flow of the meridians activate the flow of the chakras, they spin through a magnetising effect. The meridians can be seen as pathways through which energy flows. It is vital to keep these lines open and working.

As we breathe we draw prana into our system through unseen channels called the nadis. The chakras are anchored in the main channel Shushumna. This channel resides in the spinal column. The chakras work from here as the main energetic operating system of the body. They influence all the functions of the body. The other two channels help with the spin of the chakras, thus pulling light in or emanating light. The Nadis on the left side is the moon energy, this Nadis (Ida) takes negative energy out of the system and it starts at the base chakra and ends in the left nostril. The Nadis on the right of the spine is Pingala, it is positive in nature and brings charged up energy into the body. These two energies spiral around the spine moving past all the chakras except the third eye and crown.


What are chakras?

Chakras are energy centers found in the etheric energy body or aura.  The chakras influence cells, organs and the entire hormonal system. They are centers of emotional, physical and spiritual energy. The word chakra comes from the ancient Indian Sanskrit, meaning turning or wheel. The chakras spin or turn continuously, pulling in energy from the surroundings.


How the chakras work?


The chakras are influenced by the elemental energies and these elements produce the different physical, emotional and mental states in the body. The elements move through the body with the breath and produce chemical changes via the endocrine system. The endocrine system mixes these secretions directly into the blood.


What do the chakras look like?


The chakras can be described as funnel-shaped vortexes or miniature suns that radiate light through the body. The chakras can also be seen as spirals pulling energy (prana in Sanskrit) from the surroundings, universe, people, plants and planets. Each chakra forms a focal point for thousand of rays of subtle energy (nadis in Sanskrit), which are collected, transmitted and made available for the ongoing processes of the individual.


Functions of the chakras

The chakras transmit energy via the nadis (etheric energy channels), into the central nervous system, the endocrine glands and into the blood to nourish the body. This is why it is vital that the chakras be balanced. The seven main chakras are attached to the spine by cords that have roots.

In healing, we recognise the link between the chakras and the endocrine glands. Currents of energy interconnect both the physical body and the etheric body. The etheric body absorbs finer levels of energy from the environment and transforms this energy through the chakras, into the physical body via the endocrine glands. Thus, if the chakra system is out of balance, the endocrine system is also out of balance. On an etheric level, each of the mayor seven chakras corresponds to one of the endocrine glands.


What is chakra balancing?

Chakra balancing is a technique used to direct energy to an “unbalanced” or “blocked” chakra. The term “unbalanced” is preferred to “blocked” because it is not believed that any chakra is totally blocked. This means the particular chakra is not absorbing energy at all. The chakras can become stagnant or unbalanced in many different ways. The emotions, environment and attitude all can have a negative impact on the energy system. Negative energy of any kind is usually the culprit of most unbalanced chakras.

Chakras can be balanced with sound, colour and other holistic approaches. Chakras, as with colour, are a vibration.  That is why vibration can also be used to heal and balance the chakras. Tibetan singing bowls and gongs are a good example of how the Tibetans live to a very old age. The Tibetan monks keep their energy centers open, balanced and in tune using their singing bowls and meditation. A healthy etheric energy body means a healthy physical body.  The chakras help the body to distribute energy for various physical, emotional, mental and spiritual functions. They are connected to the functions of the physical body, primarily through the endocrine glands and the spinal system. They mediate energy through the various spinal contacts. This energy is distributed throughout the body by means of nerve pathways and the circulatory systems. In this way, the cells, tissues and organs receive the vibrational energy accordingly.  If the chakras become unbalanced, the flow of energy to the organs and tissues in closest proximity will be disrupted and illness may result.


Beneficial effects of balanced chakras


  • strengthens the immune system
  • detoxify and improve the functioning of internal organs
  • correct orthopaedic problems
  • strengthen the metabolism
  • anxieties diminish
  • mental fatigue and depression disappears
  • relaxation
  • restful sleep
  • improves concentration
  • elimination of negative thought patterns
  • recognition of soul purpose
  • inner growth


Opening or awakening of chakras


The developing and opening of the seven major chakras correspond to life lessons and spiritual, mental and physical awareness. By working and activating the chakras, a holistic balance can be reached in one’s life.


Awakening of the chakras:

base               :           say yes to life and discover the source of life energy

sacral             :           affirms sexuality, creativity, sensuality, feel at home in your own body

solar plexus    :           find inner strength to reach your goals, balance the ego

heart              :           say yes to love relationships and develop compassion for others

throat             :           say yes to  expressing creativity and  clear communication

third eye         :           making contact with higher self and  trusting intuition

crown             :           making contact with Divine, realise the true source of all being



The following chakra test can be used with the use of a pendulum to find what is stuck in a particular chakra point.  The following dis-eases are more on a physical level. Usually, I ask the client to indicate and give me information about their disease history and this will then show where the imbalance in the chakra system is. When we start working with the chakras, the physical symptoms of the disease is the quickest way to find where the imbalance is. After this, we can look at the emotional and mental connection which is usually more difficult to diagnose. The reason for this is that most people play games with themselves, they don’t really want to release their dis-ease patterns.  By starting with the physical you will talk the language of the physical body as the physical body never lies. It doesn’t cover up, it shows you exactly what is going on. Only after you have found the physical body’s dis-ease pattern can you start looking at the underlying emotional and mental connections.  You can either check with a pendulum or ask the client out loud if they experienced any of the following dis-eases.


Note that I use the word dis-ease - this mean the body is not at ease with itself, it is not in a state of balance, not disease. The reason for this is that we don’t acknowledge or give too much power to the disease, we know that the disease is just the physical symptom of the misaligned energy. The chakra physical test can be seen as a dis-ease pattern finding system. All diseases always have an energetic pattern.


You can use the following information in two ways:

1-    mark the dis-ease patterns that is or was applicable to you, past and present, usually the chakra with the most patterns indicate that there was or is an imbalance

2-    work with your pendulum and ask for instance if you have adrenal problems at this moment and then carry on with the rest of the list.


Base chakra:

  • adrenals
  • allergic reactions
  • anaemia and other blood disorders
  • constipation
  • digestive disorders
  • lower back pain
  • pain in legs and feet
  • sciatica
  • skeletal problems
  • stress induced ailments
  • varicose veins
  • blood

Sacral chakra:

  • cysts
  • fungus infection in the sexual organs
  • glands- prostate
  • glands- testicles
  • glands- ovaries
  • inflammation
  • kidney problems
  • lower back pain
  • lymphatic system
  • menstrual pain
  • mood swings
  • pain in hip joints
  • sexual ailments
  • skin problems
  • uterine ailments
  • uterus
  • weak bladder
  • anorexia
  • backache

Solar Plexus:

  • gallbladder
  • heartburn
  • liver
  • nervous disorder
  • spleen
  • stomach ache
  • stomach ailments or ulcers
  • tiredness


  • allergies
  • asthma
  • backache- middle back
  • cholesterol
  • colds
  • gland- thymus
  • heart problems
  • high blood pressure
  • inflammation or infection of the lungs
  • low blood pressure
  • lung problems
  • rheumatism in arms and hands
  • shoulder pain
  • skin problems


  • hearing difficulty- problems with the ears
  • inflammation in mouth
  • jaw problems
  • metabolism
  • neck and shoulder pain
  • problems with vertebrae in neck
  • speech defects such as stuttering
  • throat pain
  • thyroid problems
  • tonsillitis
  • troat invections
  • dental infections

Third eye:

  • brain diseases
  • colds
  • disorders of the eye
  • headache
  • hearing impairments
  • learning disabilities
  • middle ear infection
  • migraine
  • neurological disorders
  • poor eyesight


  • schizophrenia
  • sinus problems
  • cancer
  • depression
  • forgetfulness
  • headaches
  • mental confusion
  • mental illness
  • sleep disorders
  • weakness in immune system


Chakra balancing

All the chakras work individually and also as one system. Whatever happens in the one chakra will also flow into the next chakra. For this reason, it is important to make sure your base chakra is totally balanced and connected to the earth. The base chakra is the foundation for your whole chakra system. If this foundation is not strong the whole system will battle and be unstable.


Illness and the chakras


Your chakras reflect your current state of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.  The chakras carry the energetic patterns of all our disharmonious energies. If these energies are not balanced, illness steps in. Your physical and psychological evolution, as well as your spiritual journey, are all reflected in your chakras. Every single program is stored in our chakra system.  These CDs when played produce the same effect over and over until the programming is changed. It is important to clear the records, cells and memory of each chakra, especially where there are disharmonious or dense energies. We have to change the disk into perfection instead of imperfection.


 the aura guru man


What is the aura?

The word aura comes from the Greek word “avra” meaning breath of air. With air comes prana or universal energy. The aura can be seen as a field of air or prana that keeps the physical body alive. Your aura is your vehicle that keeps you alive on this planet without it you will die. It can be seen as an astronaut’s space suit. It needs this suit to sustain itself when it walks on the moon or travel in space. So our aura can be seen as a garment of light energy that keeps us alive.

The air that we breathe is filled with life force energy or prana and it is this prana that sustains everything in creation.


Prana and the body

Air is made of oxygen and prana, the body needs both of these to survive. Oxygen fuels the blood and prana fuels the nervous system. Prana can be seen as electric currents flowing through the body, transmitting commands from your brain through the nerves.  The more you fill your aura with breath and prana the more energy you will have to achieve your goals.Prana can be described as fuel for the aura. The aura can almost be seen as a battery or a storage centre for the energy of life.


Prana and energy


Negative thought, feelings, words and actions drain prana out of the energy body.


How can I attract more prana?

  • sunlight, water, air and food
  • spiritual practice
  • affirmations-  positive thought is the post powerful attraction of prana
  • deep breathing
  • yoga
  • positive feelings of hope, love and compassion
  • physical exercise
Example of the Human Aura:

aura man

Foods that make the aura weak

  • any processed foods
  • sugar
  • too much red meat
  • too much caffeine
  • access alcohol
  • processed chocolate closes the third eye
  • according to the Sangomas bacon also closes the third eye (personally I believe that bacon grows on trees)
  • some cultures also believe that onions and garlic closes auric sight


Anything in moderation is fine, but if you want clear auric sight it is worthwhile looking at your diet. Your body will also be very grateful for this.


How to protect the aura:


Grounding technique

Calm your mind completely by taking in a couple of deep breaths.  Now visualise your base chakra shooting out a red ray of colour into mother earth. Ask mother earth to magnetise your feet to her energy.  Feel and visualise a red spiral coming from deep within the earth, this spiral is connecting with your feet, your calves, your knees, your thighs and then your base chakra.  When this energy hits your base chakra, feel the heat, vibration and strong pull towards the earth. Affirm in your mind that you are well and truly grounded in mother earth.


Opening the crown chakra

Now see a beautiful golden light coming from above your head.  Its radiance fills your entire aura.  Feel this light clearing and healing all your chakras. Feel it going through your crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root. Thank this golden god energy for the clearing and healing that is taking place.  Now visualise a very intense white light filling your aura, affirm and thank that this is your connection to Father God. Thank Father God for his love and healing.



See a beautiful purple light filling the entire room. This is the Violet Flame of protection and transmutation.  Affirm that this energy is completely protecting us from any lower vibrations. Ask your guides, angels and archangels for individual assistance with protection.


aura pic

The protective function of the aura:


  • protects you from aggressive and destructive people
  • protects your body against harmful viruses and bacteria
  • protects you from negativity
  • sends positive energy out into the world
  • a radiant aura equals radiant health


What weakens your energy field?

  • negativity
  • draining people
  • wrong eating habits
  • stress
  • swearing too much
  • lack of fresh air and sunlight
  • excessive smoking and drinking
  • drugs


How to protect your aura


Awareness is everything!!  Be aware of the things that weaken your aura and try and cut them out of your life. Strengthening the aura will protect it. There are different ways of protecting your aura. Visualisation and meditation are good forms of protecting your aura.


Strengthening your aura


The following is a list of things you can do to strengthen your aura:

  • aromatherapy
  • correct breathing and meditation
  • eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • energy healing
  • epsom salt / Himalayan salt baths
  • finding passion in life
  • getting enough sunlight
  • smudging the aura
  • staying aligned with your life path
  • staying clear from radiation
  • staying clear of negative people or circumstances
  • swimming in the ocean
  • taking care of your body
  • yoga
  • accepting help when it is offered
  • helping someone in need, service to society, help not carry
  • listening to the needs of the body
  • making your life mission the progression of the soul
  • meditation on the aura
  • sitting in sunlight for brief periods during the day
  • swimming in the ocean
  • tai chi and correct breathing
  • working in alignment with your life purpose


How do we lose energy from our aura?

  • animals
  • computers
  • electromagnetic pollution
  • environment
  • not enough sleep
  • reading or studying too much
  • shopping centres- sensory overload
  • wrong eating habits



Stress takes your energy out of the present tense and moves it into your past or into your future. When you project your energy into either the past or the future, you fuel those realities with your own energy.  

By gaining awareness of these things you don’t create circumstances where you lose energy.


Hidden agendas:

People often have hidden agendas - stay clear of people you feel uncomfortable with.


People do project energy toward you when they feel threatened by you in any way. Don’t be obsessive about this, just be aware. Rather conserve your energy than waste it on other people’s dramas.


Observe the drama - don’t engage in it, you don’t have to rescue anyone.

Negative mindset:

If your mind is negative then your whole aura vibrates with that vibration. Energy has a ripple effect, anything that a negative aura touches gets contaminated.

Victim / martyr

Victims need lots of energy to sustain themselves because they have been in negative spins for long periods of time and their auras can’t attract enough energy. They, therefore, create dramas non-stop in order to pull other peoples’ energy into it, thus draining their energy fields.  If victims don’t want to help themselves then you should also stay clear, you can heal from a distance by praying.


Anger is one of the lowest vibrations on the emotional chart, it means it needs a lot of energy to sustain it. That energy usually comes from other peoples’ auras. People that are always angry drain a lot of life force energy


People that constantly need reassurance from others drain your energy field. They have a lack of self-worth and that lack needs to be filled up. You can uplift people with your positive mindset but don’t carry them.

Stuck in the past:

People that constantly live in the past need a lot of energy to keep those pains and visions alive. Help them to become more present.


People that manipulate others to do things for them without any exchange drain energy. Stay in your power.

Energy vampires- we all know these, interaction with these people instantly makes you tired


Your home is the outer reflection of your inner world, if you don’t like what you see with the eyes, then you have to change it, otherwise it will be a constant irritation. The same with your work environment, try to personalise it and make it feel as comfortable as possible. This will enhance your productivity and save your energy.

Psychic interference:

These can be any energy attachments that are affecting your energy. 


The above information is taken from workshops that we teach, if you are at all interested in any of this work please look at the workshop button on the front page.


Recommended reading

“The Human Aura” Kuthumi & Djwal Kul

“Hands of Light” Barbara Ann Brennan




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