Aura viewing workshop


“Our physical eyes look before us seeing neither past nor future, but the third eye embraces eternity. The only true security that is available is through our intuition. If we seek to satisfy our ego, our third eye will remain closed- emotions will block clairvoyance as we become emotionally attached to people. Clairvoyance is the challenging and piercing ability to see the truth. We all have this innate ability to use our third eye and pierce the veil of physical reality, but do we really want to know the truth?”

Yogi Bhajan founder of Kundalini Yoga


Aura Viewing Workshop

The aura viewing workshop explores the quest for auric sight and intuitive wisdom, the next step in your spiritual development.

In many Native American cultures, the vision quest is a turning point in life taken to find oneself and to activate the spiritual dimensions and to help to find the soul’s direction.

Tap into the unseen world of energy, auras and intuitive vision. Learn the ability to see with new eyes and feel with new heart - we invite you to open your vision to the realm of spirit.

The aura viewing workshop make use of the powerful techniques to access the gift of vision naturally and effortlessly. In this workshop you don’t have to take anything to see, you learn to unblock and unlock the energy that is preventing you from seeing.


    I have been teaching my aura viewing course for almost 15 years now with great success and this is the next logical step to introduce this work to people that can’t see me in person. I have tested the technique’s extensively and only kept the most effective ones to ensure success… berto


 third eye mandala


We are all blessed at birth with the gift of psychic vision but through fear and programming, we lose the ability. This workshop will help you to tap into the unseen world in a safe and structured manner. Most people see through feeling, intuition, knowing or visions in the mind, but to make energy real we must see it physically. If you already see movement or flashes of colour then this workshop will give you more insight and clarity. 



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