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Our pendants are designed to work in conjunction with our Aura sprays and Auracle cards. They hold the same vibration and like crystals can be worn to attract certain wanted vibrations into your aura. We have been experimenting with the blessing pendant and it works beautifully. It helps one to attract more blessings into one's life and keeps the circuits open to receive. They are all handmade and blessed with prayers and affirmations to hold their energetic integrity.  To start with, when you want to choose a pendant, scan the spray labels on the aura spray page and see which one makes your heart sing. There are a number of pendants that works specifically with energy sensitivity and protection. These will be listed here. The metal part or casing of our pendants are made from a combination of skin friendly metals and the resin that encapsulates the geometry is also non-toxic and skin friendly. Each pendant will come with an aura card giving more information.

Pendants can be ordered at R200 each plus postage. Send and email with the name and number of the one you would like to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

20-success-web  23-receptivity-web   24--silence-web 30--authenticity-web 
 20- Success  23- receptivity  45- silence  30- authenticity
 31--worthiness-web  34--hope-web  44--mercy-web  47--bliss-web
 31- worthiness  40- hope  44- mercy  47- bliss
48--time-out-web 52--dharma-web 54--boundaries-web  57--blessing-web
 48- time-out  52- dharma  54- boundaries  57- blessing
 58--not-my-stuff-web  59--freedom-web  64--protection-web  62-encapsulate
 58- not my stuff  59- freedom  64- protection  62- encapsulate



R200.00 R200.00

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Berto - 082 556 7400
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Tamar - 081 727 9939
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