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berto and tamar


Both Berto and Tamar started healing journeys a bit more than a decade ago. We have facilitated thousands of healing processes and energy healing over the years with a great success rate. Although we have both studied many courses and modalities (and yes, we have all the certificates and qualifications), we prefer to work with deep intuitive knowing. This knowing speeds up the healing process by bypassing all the unnecessary "bull shit". It makes the healing process more aligned in the moment and many clients have big core shifts even in the first clearing session.


Tamar Bezuidenhout - Health4You Most Popular    2016 Award



ADACF838-EC90-44AC-B415-FDF661E61487Susan Shumsky asks us this amazing question ... Are you a psychic sponge? She says that unfortunately many people sensitive to subtle energies are blind to fundamental necessities - breathing, diet, exercise and prana. Some psychics or healers tend to categorically ignore the health of their own auric field. ... A weak, collapsed, or punctured aura is particularly susceptible to lower energies, ... psychic vampirism, difficult experiences, mental illness and even disease. We travel in our energy field as a turtle travels in its shell. When our shell is torn, cracked, or broken, then we flounder about unprotected, unsafe, and insecure in unwholesome environments. You may not see yourself with a cracked auric shield, but if you can relate to the following complaint, then you might be a psychic sponge: Stuart Mark van Niekerk writes "when I get involved with work, people or relationships, I am like a psychic sponge that soaks up everything in the ether. I notice that my aura weakens. I might feel strange energies and struggle with anger or fear. I can sense the feeling coming on, but am unsure what is the best way to dwell in the light, no matter what situation.". Susan says psychic sponges absorb vibrational energies from their surroundings.

Their auras, open, over-sensitive, and vulnerable, are subject to all energies, even harmful ones. ... Your aura can be compromised in many ways. Psychic vampires can suck energy from your energy field. Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or other addictive substances can damage your aura. Improper food, shallow breathing, negative thinking, or stress can diminish your energy field. Playing with the occult without safeguards and protections can invite lower energies that pierce holes in your field.

In my experience, as we wake up and start asking questions, start meditating and start taking responsibility for our lives we realise that we need to take care of our energy bodies. We need to wake up our energy, we need to clear old psychic ties and belief systems that no longer serve us.

If you have strange, uncomfortable psychic experiences, don't feel afraid. We can help. We answered a spiritual calling to help transform dense and negative energy and assist in lifting the energy vibration for ourselves and our planet.




• Reiki 1, 2, 3
• Bachelor in Metaphysics (B.Msc)
• Currently working on my Masters in Metaphysics (both degrees through the University of Metaphysics, Sedona, US)
• Currently studying Interior Design with the Interior Design Institute 


"The word Metaphysics comes to us from Ancient Greece, a combination of two words: Meta meaning over or beyond and physics meaning the physical, material world. Thus, the combination refers to such concerns that are beyond or transcend the material world. In the common way of speaking, such questions are considered religious, spiritual, or possibly philosophical, depending on the person asking them." UOM



Berto Voigt


berto voigt

I started my healing journey a bit more than a decade ago. I have facilitated thousands of healing processes over the years with a great success rate. My main passion is, however, being creative and this is also what creates balance in my life. Through painting and creating I connect to the higher realms of learning and bring down inspiration and teachings for myself and others. I share these teachings in workshop environments or in regular newsletters. My paintings and sculptures are all images I see in meditation or contemplation. 

So I started my healing exploration with Reiki. In the second lesson, I started seeing auras and energy and remembered that I could see "things" in the dark when I was a child. For two years I explored the energy of the aura and how it works and then started seeing friends and family members for auric healing with great results. The end result which is still to this day a project with constant change is my own healing modality called solar aura healing.

• Reiki 1,2,3 and masters/teachers
• Swedish and Hot stone massage
• Thai and Thai Foot Massage
• Colour therapy
• Bachelor of Metaphysics
• 20 years experience as an art/craft teacher and creator
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all that your soul desires is truth – don’t you think you should start seeing it 


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Berto - 082 556 7400
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Tamar - 081 727 9939
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